A variety of therapies for depression, anxiety, and stress exist. These include psychotherapy (or talk therapy) and psychopharmacology (medications that provide psychiatric care). All services can be provided both in person and online via telehealth.

Psychotherapy (Talk Therapy)

Psychotherapy involves speaking with a mental health professional about experiences and possible events which may have caused your depression, anxiety, or other symptoms and identifying and using effective strategies to reduce or eliminate them.


Psychopharmacology is a treatment that involves the use of prescribed medications which reduce or eliminate the symptoms of depression, anxiety, or other psychiatric conditions. Psychopharmacologists prescribe several different types of medication, which have been shown to be effective in the treatment of these conditions.

Below are three common psychiatric conditions, each of which can be treated effectively by psychotherapy and psychopharmacology:

Depression Therapy

I have substantial expertise in therapy for several different types of depression. Major depression, dysthymia, postpartum depression and seasonal affective disorder are just a few. Symptoms of depression can include persistent sadness, lack of motivation, feelings of hopelessness or restlessness.

Anxiety Therapy

I have considerable experience in anxiety therapy. Like depression, anxiety may be relatively short-lived and then resolve or it may be chronic. Anxiety disorders can be just as disabling as depression. The most common forms of anxiety are generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Stress Therapy

I have substantial expertise in stress therapy techniques. Stress is a psychological and physiological response to life events that disturb an individual’s personal sense of balance. While most people experience stress at some point in their lives that does not require intervention by a mental health professional, a significant acute stressor or chronic stress may often benefit from such treatment.