What Does a Psychotherapist Do?

Psychotherapy involves speaking with a mental health professional about experiences and possible events which may have caused your depression, anxiety, or other symptoms and uses effective strategies to reduce or eliminate them. Dr. Brown’s office provides effective psychotherapy in Bergen County, NJ. There are different types of psychotherapy. Below, three of the most common types are provided. These treatments have been proven to help with many psychiatric conditions. Dr. Brown is fully trained and highly experienced in all three of these treatments.

Insight Oriented Psychotherapy

Insight Oriented Psychotherapy involves better understanding the causes or triggers of your emotional symptoms. Stressful life events and early life adversities or family problems are frequent causes of depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric conditions. These important themes are explored in the context of your symptoms and current life situation in order to recognize and modify recurrent patterns of behavior.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy involves developing a more realistic understanding of repeated negative thoughts that trigger symptoms such as depression and anxiety. The goal is to evaluate and challenge inaccurate patterns and beliefs, and to replace them with more adaptive and realistic ones.

Supportive Psychotherapy

In this type of therapy, people learn to recognize new strategies for how to cope with stress, and make necessary changes in their life situations, which bring about improvements in symptoms.

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